Friday, 18 May 2012

Week 20120514 Debrief (+1822)

I am a quite conservative when making entries based on basket system. The basket of 14 pairs can be quite deadly if the direction is against us. My entry of 14 SELL pairs was made on 13:22 server time, which is about 37 hours from start of the week (HouR 84 as indicated in the dashboard above).

Nevertheless, based on T101 system, the market "settled down" after 5 hours from start of the week (HouR 114 in dashboard). The movement of sell pair starts after HouR 111 and sell pair AUDUSD reaches top anchor and NZDUSD reaches bottom anchor on HouR 108. Based on original T101 basket trading system, we shall make entries of 14 SELL here.

For my case, TallMaN (TM) variant, only determines the directional of the market after 24-36 hours which is the second day onwards. TM variant indicates only NZDUSD qualifies as the "indicating anchor" on 13:22. I have some other rules for this. Market trend is -161 at this point of time (refer to dashboard). The reason I adopt TM variant is because it is not as "subjective" as original T101 so I can have an EA. I am quite confident the market is in my direction after 10-12 hours unless there is some major news that potentially reverses the market.

I posted my trades on the third day of the week. Eventually I closed all 14 pairs 2 hours before end of the week at profit of 1822 pips. Hope this post helps some whoever wants to understand about T101. Some rules based on TM variant is not from original T101.

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